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More from The Telegraph. Magnus's work is already funded by the Swedish Cancer Society and the Swedish Children Cancer Society neuroblastoma, the most common cancer in infants, is a type of neuroendocrine tumour. Magnus has light brown hair that, like his voice, refuses to cooperate. All is not lost, however. He glanced back at the freezer. If I found someone to give you this money, would you start the clinical trials? A recent investigation by Amgen found that 47 of 53 papers on all medical subjects, not just viruses by academics in top peer-reviewed science journals contained results that couldn't be reproduced, even though company scientists repeated the experiments up to 50 times.

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The disadvantage is that it is too safe:

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A virus that kills cancer: the cure that's waiting in the cold

The corridors connecting the different research departments of the Uppsala medical campus are built underground, in order to protect the staff from death during the Swedish winters. In a recent set of post-mortem investigations, scientists cut open more than 30, bodies, and ran their hands down the intestines of the dead as if they were squeezing out sausage skins. So why is Magnus — did he mind if I called him 'Magnus'? The closer you get to manipulating the cellular forces of human existence, the more you sound like a schoolboy babbling about his model aeroplane. En kristen organisation blev dock misstänksam mot kampanjen och bestämde sig för att testa vaccinet. He glanced back at the freezer. A virus that he previously developed against prostate cancer is about to enter human trials in Rotterdam, supported by a European Union grant.

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