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If you have decided to own a pet, a Bulldog puppy would be the perfect option for you and your family. Bulldogs puppies are very active, friendly and make very good companion. Also, they are very intelligent and require minimal training as compared to other breeds. Once you set out to look for your next best companion and friend, it is advisable not to go for the first option as you could be making a very costly mistake. Therefore, it is very important to take several factors into consideration before buying as explained in this article.

Before buying a puppy, it is advisable to look for a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder is one who ensures all the puppies are in perfect health condition before dispatching them to their new homes. They are transparent and provide all the relevant information regarding the puppy as they understand that this information is crucial in their upbringing. Also, a reputable breeder is licenced and operate within the law a sign of how serious they take their job. Therefore, conduct a thorough due diligence on several breeders and choose the most reputable as this is the first step into finding the best Bulldog puppy to adopt.

Enquiring more about the puppy’s health history is very important. Taking home a puppy with a series of health issues will not only cost you a lot in terms of medication and vet visits, but you will be denied the fun and companionship that you could have received from an otherwise health pet. The best breeder should have the parent’s health history documented and use this information to predict any health risks and challenges that may occur in future. The predictions will help the new owner take the necessary steps to prepare and protect the issues from occurring. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a puppy that has been examined thoroughly and all health tests conducted.

Another factor to consider before buying a Bulldog puppy is the cost. You will note that a pure Bulldog breed will cost slightly more as compared to a mixed breed. It is for this reason that you should set aside some budget as it will be your guide into choosing the most suitable puppy. For you to buy at a reasonable price, it would be ideal to compare the cost from several reputable breeders and avoid those whose price tag is the least as the breed could be of very low quality. Also, you should be well prepared financially as you will be spending on food, accessories, vet visits, training among other items.

Once you have settled on a breeder, it is advisable to be patient if you have been booked on the waiting list. You will note that a breeder with good reputation gives Bulldog mothers time to recover before breeding again. This therefore guarantees a generation of healthy and quality Bulldog puppies and the wait will be worthwhile. Therefore, avoid breeders who do not have a good breeding program as they likely produce poor quality puppies.

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