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How to Rock Your Executive Headshots in Manhattan

When it comes to professional branding, executive headshots are an essential element for a polished and put-together image. Whether you’re updating your LinkedIn, creating a bio for your website, or appearing on a panel or podcast, having a quality headshot is crucial. Manhattan is home to some of the best headshot photographers in the world, so here are some tips to help you prepare for your session and rock your executive headshots.

1. Plan ahead and research your photographer

Before you book your headshot session, take some time to research photographers in Manhattan who specialize in executive headshots. You’ll want to find someone who has experience working with clients in your industry and who can help you feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. Look at their portfolio and read reviews from previous clients to get a sense of their style and professionalism. Once you’ve found a photographer you’re interested in working with, book your session well in advance to ensure you get the date and time that works best for you.

2. Dress for success

Your clothing and accessories can make a big impact in your headshots, so it’s important to choose outfits that reflect your personal style and align with your professional brand. Choose clothing that is tailored and fits well, avoiding anything too tight or too loose. Stick to neutral colors such as black, grey, or navy and avoid busy patterns or bright colors that can be distracting. Ladies, make sure your makeup is natural-looking and enhances your features without being too heavy-handed.

3. Practice your facial expressions

Your facial expressions can make or break your headshots, so it’s important to practice a variety of looks before your session. Start with a neutral face and then try out different expressions such as smiling, serious, and contemplative. Think about the message you want to convey with your headshot and try to find the right balance between approachable and professional. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for feedback and guidance during your session.

4. Pay attention to posture and body language

Your posture and body language can convey a lot about your confidence and professionalism, so pay attention to your physical presence during your session. Stand up straight and tall, with your shoulders relaxed and your chin level. Avoid crossing your arms or slouching, as this can make you appear closed off or unapproachable. Remember to breathe deeply and take breaks as needed to help you feel more relaxed and at ease.

5. Choose the right background and lighting

Your photographer will likely have a variety of backgrounds and lighting options to choose from, so take some time to consider which ones will work best for you. If you’re in a creative or artistic field, you may want to choose a more dynamic background such as a brick wall or textured surface. If you’re in a more traditional industry such as law or finance, a simple white or grey background may be more appropriate. Make sure the lighting is flattering and enhances your features, avoiding harsh or unflattering shadows.

6. Trust your photographer and have fun

Finally, remember that your headshot session is an opportunity to showcase your unique personality and professional brand. Trust your photographer to guide you and provide feedback as needed, and try to have fun with the process. Remember that your headshot is an investment in your professional brand and can pay dividends in terms of new business opportunities and networking connections. So, embrace the experience and enjoy the results!

In conclusion, executive headshots are an essential component of your professional brand and can make a big impact in your overall image. By planning ahead, dressing for success, practicing your facial expressions, paying attention to posture and body language, choosing the right background and lighting, and trusting your photographer, you can rock your executive headshots in Manhattan and set yourself apart from the competition. So, book your session today and get ready to shine!

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